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a visual arts label that published 240 films by 70+ artists between 2003-2015

legacy site 

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"lightrhythm visuals" was a visual arts publisher founded in 2003 and operational until around 2015.


Initially set up to promote and expose artists involved in the visual arts movement known as "VJing", the label ran for just over 10 years, and was distributed internationally. Lightrhythm published over 240 works by 70+ artists from 5 continents on a series of DVDs, wrote for several publications, and hosted regular screening and performance events in US Japan and Europe.


Founded by Ben Sheppee and Jon Schwark, Lightrhythm as a label encouraged remixing between published artists. Elements of original works were shared in a collaborative manner and the Lightrhythm releases utilised creative authoring techniques to show original works and the remixed films side by side.


With the demise of the DVD market, Lightrhythm went digital, launching a vj loop download store, a digital magazine app, and an online streaming channel. It began touring screening programs, which took place in venues and cinematic festivals around the world including Australia, Russia and Japan. 

In 2017 the founders moved onto a new business model and felt like Lightrhythm as a project was concluded. The team marked the project with this legacy site to represent the efforts, memories and collection of work.


The pages of this site host some of the works published, information about the releases and some documentation of the events... find more in the LRV_gallery and LRV_works sections 

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